Plan B for Utrecht

The Party for the Animals is the only political party in Utrecht to consider the interests of all living beings; people and animals alike, in creating local policy. Based upon a planet-wide vision: improve the world, start in Utrecht! Plan B. Because there is no planet B.

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The task of the municipality is to create a pleasant local community for all its inhabitants. A safe environment that provides people with the courage and influence necessary to realise change for the benefit of all.

All inhabitants should feel at home in Utrecht and the city council does try for this. However, recently important issues have been put aside, too often leaving quality of life to come second in municipal policy. The rich diversity of animals and plants is threatened more and more by advancing urbanization. Trees are cut down and green spaces are sacrificed for concrete buildings. The wellbeing of people and animals is jeopardised by the ever-busier city, caused by the huge building ambition and by attracting masses of tourists. The transition to clean energy is happening too slowly, while climate change threatens to become unmanageable. In recent years, the public space has increasingly been handed over to commercial parties or sacrificed for parking spaces. Where cars are parked, no children can play. There is a lot of work to be done in healthcare, planting greenery and making Utrecht a climate neutral city, yet many people remain unemployed. This needs to change!

The Utrecht municipality has a direct and determining influence on our living environment and the happiness and wellbeing of the people and animals living here, but this is too often ignored. The municipality frequently prioritises short-term economic interests over citizen’s interests. This needs to change. The municipality ought to serve the interests of its citizens instead of the other way around. A livable city, to be passed on to next generations, is of great value.

Plan B for Utrecht. From ego-centered to eco-centered.

Plan B for Utrecht. From ego-centered to eco-centered
Keeping Utrecht livable requires drastically different choices: a 'plan B'. Close to home. Re-greening our streets and gardens, providing clean air and clean water, acting against the worldwide climate disruption that also affects Utrecht directly should be our priorities. If we start using our buildings to generate electricity instead of wasting it, it would make a world of difference. If we reduce the use of animals for entertainment, food, clothing and experiments we create a city with regard to the interests of all living beings, not just humans. Our lives will be more meaningful and more relaxed, with more certainties, compassion, solidarity and sustainability. Utrecht can be an example of sustainable choices. It’s up to you!

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Fundamental values

Party for the Animals Utrecht has chosen 10 fundamental values which we will use for the municipal election on March 21st 2018. Here you can find the Dutch version (with photos).

1. The growth of the city is not a goal in itself. Utrecht will cease the growth-focused thinking and will strive for a liveable city for all its inhabitants.

2. The organisation of events that involve animals will no longer take place in Utrecht.

3. Stop festivalisation! Animals, nature and local residents will no longer carry the (immaterial) cost of events taking place in parks and nature areas.

4. For every residence within the city, Utrecht applies 75m2 of public green and will only build animal friendly and sustainable buildings.

5. By 2030 - at the latest - Utrecht will be carbon-neutral and waste-free. A climate-plan involving subjects such as saving energy and switching to renewable sources, will be developed per neighbourhood.

6. Utrecht will contribute sufficient means for sheltering and caretaking of animals in animal shelters.

7. Utrecht will minimalise the number of cars in the city; the centre will be a car-free zone.

8. The municipality of Utrecht will invest in the emancipation of disadvantaged groups and will act against all forms of discrimination.

9. The municipality of Utrecht organises customised care for the elderly, people with disabilities, people in need and children, in their local environment.

10. The Party for the Animals highly values the privacy of citizens and is against the “Sleepwet”, a law that justifies the large-scale listening practices by Secret Service Agencies.